Program: Summer 2 Competitive Co-ed Class A Indoor Volleyball 6s (Courthouse Athletic Center)

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Summer: Jul 06 - Aug 17
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Game Times7:30 - 10:00
League DatesWednesdays: July 6 - August 17
# People In Play6 total. Min. 0 men/2 women
Suggested Roster8 people
League NotesUse promo code MILATESUMMER22 for 15% off your registration. Early Bird ends on May 16th!

- Teams are coed (men & women), 6 on 6 games.
- Minimum of 7 players per team.
- At least 2 females must be in play to start each game.
- If a team cannot produce at least 4 players (2 females + 2 males) after 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, they forfeit the entire match (so get there early!)
- No limit to how many you can have on your team, just remember that only 6 of you will be allowed on the field during play.
- Games will last 50 minutes.
- Each night, teams play one 50 minute match. Each match consists of 3-sets (approx. 20 mins. per set).
- Sets are played up to 21-points, win by 2 or first to reach 23-points, whichever comes first.
- Teams switch sides in between each set.
- Rally-style scoring - In the “rally” game, points will be awarded on both the service and service receive side.
This is a competitive league so be sure to bring your A game! :)
Location NotesThe Courthouse Athletic Center: 7365 S Sprinkle Rd, Portage, MI 49002.
All TEAMS that register by June 3rd will receive a set of 8 team t-shirts at no extra cost to you! Includes free shipping! Team captains will be contacted within a week of registering from “My Team Shirts”. Checkout Team T-shirt FAQs for more info.

Please make yourself familiar with JAM Policy. You will need to know it if you register with us!